• Bench&Squat Racks

    BL-BSR (Made in Japan)

    Size:W2,300 × L1,700 × H 1,280(mm)
    Benchpress:Rack adjustment/740~1,390mm from floor
    Squat:Rack adjustment/1,080~1,730mm from floor
    Withstand durability:500kg(One side)
    Price  ASK Yen(Tax included)


Competition model
BULL’s Bench&Squatrocks, as the first Japanese manufacturer, was officially approved by IPF.

This made can be used for both benchpress and squat competition.

  • Safety rack

In case of using rockin at squat, please remove this safety rock

  • BULL’s Bench&Squatrocks,as the first Japanese manufacturer,was officially approved by IPF.
  • May 2018 3rd Arnord’s Africa Powerlifting&Benchpress Championship South Africa

  • September 2017 Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships South Africa

  • May 2017 2rd Arnord’s Africa Powerlifting&Benchpress Championship South Africa

  • December 2017 Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship india

  • January 2018 Indian Nations Powerlifting Championship india

  • February 2018 Canada National Championship Canada

  • February 2018 Indian Federation Championship india

  • May 2018 Asian Powerlifting Championship India